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Espresso Pods - Tradition Made Easy
  • Maintain quality and freshness
  • Consistency
  • Reduces cost of product with absence of waste
  • Virtually eliminates barista training
Making espresso has always been most dependent on the skill of an experienced barista - until now. In the past, to create a perfect shot of espresso, there were at least four essentials needed: quality of beans, proper grinding, correct dosage, and tamping.

Ceti Pod CETI Cafe eliminates all four of these variables, delivering a hot, aromatic cup with a rich taste and outstanding crema. The general public has grown more discerning in their tastes, and as a result, this sophistication has created more of demand for speed, accuracy and perfect flavor. CETI espresso pods (shown here unwrapped, at approximate actual size...) were developed with just that in mind. They are an easy, convenient solution to achieving the perfect cup of espresso. The pod has been widely accepted in Europe and has gained extreme popularity in Italy. No mess, no measuring or packing, we have eliminated the tedious task of filter basket "tapping" and clean up. These special pods are compatible with any professional equipment and home machines.

Each espresso pod is individually wrapped to ensure the freshest taste and quality. Tradition made easy.  Take me to the order form now!

The Ultimate Brewing Essential
Nothing Else Is Needed But The Pod